Elevate the unboxing experience with our integrated scented pad for eCommerce packaging.

Transporting brand identity to packaging.

Creating a memorable brand identity is a top priority for any business. The most obvious way is to offer recognizable and unique products valued by customers. However, there is much more to it. In a world of constant evolution and new consumption habits, attracting customers to your store is not enough. Brands have to engage their audience in every possible Touchpoint and the rise of eCommerce has made packaging a very tempting strategy. Brands much achieve having customers certainly enjoy the experience of receiving and interacting with packaging. By accomplishing an unforgettable and special interactions with the brand, customers are much more likely to become raving and loyal.


Brand identity is being transferred to packaging through key visible elements, including the brand logo, a recognizable colour palette, eye-catching pattern designs and trendy messaging. However, brands are missing on the most powerful human sense: SCENT. Many brands have a unique, clearly recognizable corporate scent that is solely communicated in stores and unaccounted for in the packaging.

The solution: AroPack

AroPack is an integrated scented pad specially designed for eCommerce packaging. By embedding AroPack in your corporate scent you can easily add it to your packaging in a clean, discreet and effective way. The unboxing experience is brought to a whole new level by inviting customers to discover your brand through another sense. When opening the box, product recognition will instantly be associated with a scent, establishing a perdurable connection.

Re-use. Recycle.

At Scent Emotions we care about the Planet and invest in sustainable approaches. Therefore, AroPack has been carefully conceived to have an “afterlife”.

AroPack can be given a second purpose of being used as a scented card. It can be placed in drawers, hung in wardrobes or stored in bags to aromatise your clothes.

SAP-B1 is a biodegradable and home compostable polymer which can be recycled with cardboard. Box and AroPack can be disposed of together with no need of separation.