Bouquet Scent Booster

A scent booster designed for flower bouquets.

Roses are red. But also blue, white, yellow and even black. But what do they smell like? Throughout the 20th century, artificial selection has had its main focus on obtaining colorful, showy and very attractive flowers, leaving scent aside. Nowadays, producing strong scented flowers requires too much energy, making smell less of a priority.

With the aim of recovering this beloved characteristic, at Scent Emotions we have developed the Bouquet Scent Booster. This product imitates a lily bud in its shape and color, and can be incorporated in the bouquet of flowers through a flower stem or a cane. Our Bouquet Scent Booster provides the smell that flowers no longer have.

The product is manufactured in a biodegradable biopolymer and certified Home-Compostable, in such a way that it can be thrown away together with the bouquet itself.