Design. Function. Technology.

Air scenting and purification in one product

Combining an elegant design, delicate curves, a slim profile and top-end air diffusion and purification technology, Capsule is an ideal product to install in closets, shoe racks and kitchen waste closets.



The round-dashed opening acts as an air inlet. This air is constantly moving and renewed thanks to the internal fan.

The air outlet is located under the circular piece, in which the aroma pad is placed.

The movement of the air through Capsule will allow the aromatisation of the space.


Capsule is designed so that the aroma pad can be changed without having to move or uninstall it.
The cover is attached to the main body through magnets, which make it easy and quick to remove and place back. Magnets will hold it together and prevent its fall.
Both the cover and the aroma pad can be extracted with the hand, without the need of any additional tools.


Capsule brings a new dimension to aromatisation: air purifying.

Within its compact structure, Capsule is equipped with the latest technology to ameliorate air quality.


Capsule can be connected to WiFi and Bluetooth and be configured via the App.

Adjustable fan time

Select the fan position that best suits your olfactory taste. Choose between 1 of the 3 fan positions to regulate intensity.

Flexible setting

Capsule requires no installation. Adhesive pads located at the back enable placing to be on walls, ceilings or desks.

Motion detection

Equipped with sensors, Capsule will automatically turn on when motion is detected to ensure the optimal user experience. Motion detection will also turn UV-C light off.


Through UV-C LED light, with timed operation and automatic disconnection by motion and vibration sensors.

Air purification

Air quality is improved through the production and release of negative ions.

✻ Power: 12V-24V DC, various connectors available – MINILED and MINIFIT; for connection with most LED drivers.

✻ Dimensions: 8.5 x 17 x 2.5 cm