Aromatherapy integrated into furniture

A seamless integration of scent and furniture.

The most discreet aroma diffuser is brought to you with FLIPPA-S.

Its integrable system allows its placement in any space or surface, making it a perfect product for office desks or receptions, home furniture and hotels rooms and lobbies.

FLIPPA-S is designed to make aromatisation effortless. 


Discreetness is paired with simplistic operation. FLIPPA-S can be easily installed into any surface by drilling an 8 cm hole, which can be made using standard tools. Thanks to one of our rings, FLIPPA-S will fit perfectly and remain almost invisible.

Lift the cover to insert a Scent Emotions aroma tab or use the fiber pad with a scent of your choice. Easily change the smell of your space by replacing the aroma tab with a different scent.


Choose between 1 of our 3 ring options for a perfect integration of our device and your furniture. 

Placement of our rings may be overlapping or flush. All our rings can be screwed to the surface to ensure a firm and anti-theft installation.  The screws intersect the ring at a 45º angle, making it easier and convenient to slide the screwdriver in. 

 Placement: overlapping

Placement: flush

 Placement: overlapping

✻ Power: 5V DC, 3.5*1.35 Barrel Jack to USB-A male; for connection with any computer or USB-A port.

✻ Pads: accepts both scented polymers (odour neutralising and fragrances) and felt pad.

✻ Dimensions: ⌀ 7.5 cm

✻ Hole drill: ⌀ 8 cm