One scent. One tester. A unique experience.


ScentUX, the ultimate Point-of-Sale scent diffuser that will revolutionise the world of testers.
Designed to fit your display with a natural elegance, ScentUX will allow customers to interact with scents in a whole new way, creating a unique and memorable user experience.

A 3D integration of fragrance, aesthetics and customers.
With our “Press & Smell” method, each scent will maintain its identity without any interference.

Designed for and with you

Engage your customers with this new sensory user experience which bring together brand, fragrance and consumer. 

Customers can now smell and interact with your product  with our “Press & Smell” system display through a button which will release the scent for a small period of time.

Your display. Your scent.

ScentUX will fit into any Point of Sale, whether a permanent or temporary set-up. Installation is very simple and flexible, since it only requires a plug and two drill holes.

ScentUX incorporates your fragrance by embedding it into a scented polymer which will then be used in the display. Our team will work with you to adjust fragrance specifications and achieve the perfect match to your product.

We help your customers discover your products with a captivating Point of Sales encounter. 

ScentUX is the ideal tester for any product with a scent, whether perfume, cream, detergent, soap, shampoo or deodorant.