A scent diffuser designed for the hospitality sector.

Powerful & Efficient

Aromizer has been especially designed for the hospitality sector. It’s powerful operation makes it the ideal aroma diffuser for larger surfaces like hotel lobbies, larger rooms or bathrooms and restaurant and cafeterias. 

Its dual power supply system (battery or power supply) make Aromizer very convenient to place on any wall surface. 

This design has 4 different opennings which optimise air flow and increase its effectiveness.

In order to increase Aromizer’s efficiency we have designed Jumbo Charge, our most powerful scented polymer to make the olfactive experience last much longer.

✻ Power: DC 3V/1A or 1 D size alkaline battery.

✻ 24H / Night / Day working modes are available.

✻ Led light: green light indicates normal functioning and red indicates a recharge is needed.