Scent scaping: art or necessity?

Scent scaping has appeared as the hottest interior design trend in the past year. Also referred at as scent design, scent scaping is defined as the art of using fragrances to divide and differentiate spaces and evoke certain kind of feelings or emotions accordingly.

This art is most common in hotels and has been in use for a long time.

However, this technique has been gaining popularity and has started to be implemented in different establishments, such as, retail stores, nightclubs and casinos, spas and even medical centres are starting to implement scents in waiting rooms.

Nevertheless, the recent pandemic has brought our homes closer to this approach and has made scent scaping a new global trend. The pandemic, and more specifically, lockdowns, have turned our homes in all-in-one spaces. A home became the place where you live, eat, sleep, work and relax. This has stressed the importance of learning to set boundaries and clearly divide our rooms according to what we do in them. Zoning through scent has proven to be very helpful when switching from work at our office, to leisure activities in the living room and relaxing in the bedroom.

How can we use scents to boost our mood in every room?

  • Citric scents like lemon or bergamot are ideal for your bathroom given their invigorating and uplifting properties, which will boost your morning.
  • Floral scents of jasmine to build up your confidence and optimism with peppermint to trigger concentration will be a perfect combination to encourage your creativity in the office room.
  • Gourmand notes of cinnamon or vanilla will be an excellent choice to set the atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room.
  • As per the bedroom, lavender and green tea will inspire a soothing and relaxing ambience to accompany you during your sleep.
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