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The rise of e-commerce and its effect on packaging

The recent pandemic has accelerated online retailing forcing brands to rethink their e-commerce business. The impossibility of going shopping in the traditional way has meant both business and consumers have had to search for alternatives. Online shopping and e-commerce have boomed and become the new buying trend.

On the consumer side, unboxing has taken on a whole new meaning. This process has been transformed into an experience itself rather than the mere reception of a product. Consumers expect more from this action and wish to create memorable and joyful moments.

The e-commerce innovation focus is now on recreating the physical shopping experience through packaging, while bearing in mind the consumer needs for happy experiences. Packaging needs to stay coherent with brand values, color codes and corporate image. But it needs to keep the element of surprise during the big product reveal.

How are brands doing this?

  • Product information and instructions are incorporated with the outside to engage consumer discovery before the unboxing.
  • Make the packaging appealing through graphic patterns and bold colours to bring a sense of joy and excitement.
  • Incorporate embossing or playing with matte or glossy finishing to make packaging both appealing to the sight and touch.
  • Give packaging a second life by imagining alternative uses for it

There are many different initiatives being made by brands, but there is still room for further innovation to merge packaging with joy and the retail experience. At Scent Emotions we would like to propose a revolutionary solution to packaging: scented packaging to create the element of surprise and evoke your brand’s scent in the unboxing experience.

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