The importance of Scent Marketing

What is Scent Marketing?

A type of sensory marketing targeted at the olfactory sense.
A smell can carry a brand’s essence and values. It is a way to connect and communicate with customers through their subconscious. Customers will then associate your brand with a particular scent which will evoke a feeling.

Scent marketing is the process of using one scent throughout the whole user experience.
Scent Marketing is more than just aromatising a space; it is the ability of taking a company’s brand identity, and translating it into a scent that reflects and amplifies these values.

Types of Scent Marketing

Aroma billboard

A bold, noticeable scent is associated with a brand. The same scent will be used in all branches and stores.

Signature smells

Many retail establishments and designer stores use a signature scent at all their locations. It is brand-specific and reminds customers of the brand when they smell it.

Ambient smells

They can be compared to background music. They’re used to aromatise spaces or combat bad smells without making their presence too noticeable. They can be found in malls or large shopping centres.

Thematic smells

Thematic smells are more subtle and less specific than aroma billboards. They’re used to set the mood rather than advertise a brand. They are used in spas, for example.

“75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Next to sight, it is the most important sense we have.”

 – Martin Lindstrom

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